Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apple: I love you!

In a world of sameness, pop culture, and inferior quality and poorly designed products...... Apple always seems to be out in front giving us great products, great support, and of course, sexy industrial design.

Well, today they did not disappoint. They introduced the HOT new iPod nano. It will replace the mini and what a replacement it is. Almost miniscule in scale, yet it's appearance approximates that of the iPod itself. Check it out.

In addition, and in cooperation with Motorola, they also introduced the first iTunes phone called the ROKR. You can now carry 1000 iTunes songs in your pocket...... on your phone. And the phone automatically mutes when a call comes in and then restarts your song when you hang up. Very cool.

Lastly, Apple introduced the latest version of iTunes. We are now at iTunes 5.0. The interface is slicker with a few more bells and whistles. Yet, as always, they resisted the temptation to mess with something good. iTunes is the BEST jukebox software out there. Period. Visually simple and easy to use.

Apple and Jobs: Keep up the great work.


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