Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Santiago Calatrava

By far one of my favorite Architects today.....Santiago Calatrava is an artist, an engineer, a sculptor, a poet, and foremost, one that brings us works of incomparable beauty and repose.

His two latest works of intrigue reside in NYC and Stockholm.

The work in NYC sits at Eighty South Street and allows it's residents the opportunity to live within a piece of living sculpture. As in many of his works, this one defies imagination as it climbs toward the sky seeming to break the boundaries of gravity.

The next work that caught my attention will grace the skyline of Stockholm, Sweden. It is called Torso Tower. And again, is a work of art in which to live. Can you imagine, living within something of such timeless beauty and elegance.

Another great work in progress is his transit station for WTC in New York. One of the only pieces of the project that truly seems to work. This great Architect approaches each project with the humility that only one who loves his craft (and not his ego) could deliver. Hats off to such a courageous artist.


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